Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st Grey Hunter Painted!!!

Well I got my very first Grey hunter painted, and thought i'd ask y'all what y'all thought about it. Sorry bout the crappy phone pics, but camera is still packed up.

not Golden Daemon by any stretch, but I think it is simple and effective. So far my planned list to run Friday night is 

Rune Priest
---Living Lightning, JotWW, Storm Bolter, Runic Weapon
Rune Priest
---Living Lightning, Tempests Wrath, BP/RW
Rune Priest
---Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane, Bolter/RW

3x Wolf Guard
---Combi-Melta PF

3x9 Grey Hunters
---Meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotWulfen
---Rhino - HK Missile

1x5 Grey Hunters
---Plasma Gun
---Razorback - Las/TL Plas, HK Missile

3x6 Long Fangs
---2x LCs, 3x MLs
---Razorback - Las/TL Plas, HK Missile

1997 Pts.

I like the list thus far, as it is shooty as hell, mobile, and still has a lot of boots on the ground. The Rune Priests are gonna hang with the Long Fangs and throw Living Lightning all over the place, the 1x5 GH's in the Razorback will be my babysitter unit. I am most excited about this army's turn one Shooting phase, as i can throw 16 S8, 10 S9, and 3d6 S7 shots at 13 different targets. Talk about dead transports/tanks. Anyway, we'll give it a shot tomorrow and see how it goes!

So what is the consensus? Did the Grey Hunter turn out pretty well? Is the list decent? Will The Grizz ever find his camera so he can quit taking pictures with his phone?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Times They Are A Changin...

Is this the new face of 40k?
Sorry for the long delay, but now we are back on track. I finally got some games in, and actually have some 40k stuff to talk about. Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Over the last couple of days, and the last few games, The Grizz may have come to a realization. There may have been a fundamental change in the game of Warhammer 40,000. Maybe its the new area, new lists, new players, or maybe its just a shift in the overall meta game, I don't know. Something, however, is different. 

Go Me
What is different, you ask? Lists that work. I played in a tournament Saturday and brought my usual Blood Angel tournament list. Out of the 8 people that participated, Yours Truly came in dead last. Thats right, dead effin last. First round I played against a 3 long fang/razor-heavy Space Wolf list. Second was a rhino heavy hestan list. Finally I played against Wiley the Nord's 5 venom flyer heavy Dark Eldar army.

In all of these games, my DoA army had shooting issues. Now, I am very aware that my Blood Angel army is not the shootiest army in existence, but I have always had just enough, and have been able to rely on my assault abilities. With all the transports, all the shooting, is it possible to play a foot based list any more? With the release of Dark Eldar and Grey Knights, can you run a list with minimal transports and still win consistently? I am starting to think you can't. Armies like Tyranids don't have a chance. If I take my Nid army to a tournament and face one, just one Grey Knight player with a half a brain, I may as well just go ahead and put a check in the L column. 

Typed Venom Spam into Google,
This was the first result.
Without transports, there is no way to hide from the poisoned shots and the S5 storm bolter shots. And with my specific DoA list, if 1 or 2 shots miss, then I have serious issues, as then I am having to pop transports in assault, leaving me open to my opponents' shooting phase. I don't know what they are makin rhinos out of these days, but they aren't as easy to bust as they used to be, and there is a whole lot more of them. The weirdest thing is, is that for me at least, it happened overnight. I feel like my competitive list went from good to uncompetitive in less than a month.

Like I said before, maybe its due to the change in the meta game from where I used to play to where I play now, though it feels like something more fundamental, something deeper. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, and maybe everyone else is already aware of this and I am just behind the ball on this deal, I dunno. I do know, however, that in order to compete, My lists, my game, my style will have to change.

So, is The Grizz  off base? Is he late to the party? Or has there been a shift recently in the overall way that the game was played?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well, today has been quite successful. Thanks to my buddy Shane at Dicehead Games and Comics, i was able to sell off all my fantasy stuff, and walked out of his store today with - 

Carnifex Kit - Tervigon conversion
Hormagant box

Space Wolves Grey Hunter Box
Devastator Box
Canis Wolfborn - on order - Finecast
Logan Grimnar - On Order - Finecast
5 bricks of Chessex Dice


So, needless to say, I have plenty to work with. I am currently tryin to get my Blood Angels completely painted for a tournament next weekend, somethin that should have been done a long time ago. I had a thought to paint up one of my Assault squads as a successor chapter, then make both of my other RAS from different companies, just to give the army some flavor. We will see, however.

What I plan on runnin next week

---Jump Pack, Shield of Sang., Sang. Sword
Sang. Guard
---Jump Pack
3x10 RAS
---Melta, Flamer, Fisty Sarge

Furioso Dread
---Frag Cannon, HF, Drop Pod

3x7 Death Co.
3x bp/ccw, 3x bp/pw, 1x PF
DC Dread
---Blood Talons
---Multi Melta, Ass. Cannon, Extra Armor

---Lascannon, Cyc. ML, EA

Wantin to try out Lemmiwinks, as he can be such a beast, as well as I7 on the charge, and getting to reroll the hits and wounds. I have been wanting to try the 2 Raven list, as the mobility and the firepower can be devastating. I don't know whether or not to drop the jp's off of a RAS and stick them in there, making it a mobile scoring unit, that remains to be seen. 

Well thats all for now, hopefully once things get settled, I will get back into playin some games and start makin posts with a lil more substance, till then peace out!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

To Thunderwolf Or Not To Thunderwolf

Well, between the moving, packing, and cleaning, I somehow found time to finally get my first game in with my Space Wolves. My good friend Pariah.Stevo from over at Tainted By Xenos (which is back up and running BTW) came over to help me move and while waiting for the Storage unit we squeezed a game in. I took a very different list than i normally take, as it was a shooty list with no deathstar, as I wanted to see how certain things work. I took -

Wolf Lord
---Runic armor, Frost Axe, SS, Wolftooth Necklace

4x Wolf Guard
---Combimeltas & PFs

4x Grey Hunters Squads, 3x9, 1x8
---Plasma, Rhino w/ Hunter Killer Missile

2x Rune Priests
---Liv. Light./Jaws
---Liv. Light./Jaws, Melta Bombs

2x Long Fang Squads
---3x MLs, 2x LCs
---Razorback w/ LC/TLPG, HK Missile

---HK Missile

Steve took his tournament Ork list, which entails - Ed. Steve, if this is wrong correct me

Mek w/ KFF & Power Klaw
A squad of Nobz with Cybork bodies, WAAAGH Banner, Bosspole
Battlewagon w/ Deffrolla, Red Paint

17 Shoota Boys
Nob w/ Boss pole, Power klaw
Battlewagon w/ deffrolla

16 Shoota Boys

Nob w/ Boss pole, Power klaw
Battlewagon w/ deffrolla

2x15 Lootas

2x Deffcoptas w/ buzzsaws

Babysitting grot squad

What Should've Happened
Ok, so basically Murphy and his law came in and beat the ever livin crap out of me from turn one. We rolled Dawn of War, so Ghazghkull started halfway across the board and night fighting caused me to do absolutely zilch for damage. The next turn sees 6 lascannons (2 at side armor),2 Missile Launchers, 2 HK missiles (at side armor) and a Demolisher Cannon (side armor) give me one immobilized result and a Crew Shaken result on Ghazzy's wagon. Awesome. Ghazghkull then proceeds to charge me from across the board.

What Did Happen
From then till the end of turn four when we called it I watched 9 shoota shots kill 7 grey hunters in one roll, 2 lascannons bounce off AV 12, a Wolf Lord kill a whopping 2 Ork nobs (over 4 rounds of assault), a grey hunter squad shoot and charge a shoota boy squad and cause a grand total of 3 wounds, then watched Steve roll three 6s, pretty much my dice hated me. With a vengeance. over the course of the day I failed 7 of 9 vehicle 4+ covers. Not my day.

God do I love a good Beatstick...
Now, although I deployed wrong, my dice completely failed me, and Steve's were on fire, and after such a game it is a terrible idea to immediately redo your army list, I have begun to think about new units. Now, if you haven't figured this out about me by now, i like a good beatstick. I carry a .45, I hunt with a 7mm Rem. Mag., I drive a V8. I like em big and powerful. Looking back at all my armies, every build I have ever liked has a deathstar in it. My old Ultras had Hestan and TH/SS Termies in a LRR. Blood Angels have the Chappie/DC/DC Dread/Stormraven combo, Chaos has either Abaddon/Plagues/LR or 2x MoN DPs and a GD,  my Nids have the Trygons. I like beatsticks.

Which brings me to my current dilemma. How do I run an effective, shooty SW army and still have a good beatstick in there to help with the Vects and Ghazghkulls out there? I then began to read the Thunderwolf Cavalry entry. Dear. God. These dudes mean business, with a true T5 and 4 base attacks. And a not so terrible price tag. This unit could fill in that little deathstar sized hole in my heart. So I revamped the list, and came up with this - 

Wolf Lord
---Frost Axe, SS, Runic Armor, WT Necklace, Thunderwolf Mount, Saga of the Bear
5x Thunderwolf Cavalry
---Plasma Pistol/CCW
---BP/CCW, Melta Bombs

4x Wolf Guard
---Combi Melta, PF
4x9 Grey Hunters
---Plasma Gun, Rhino

2x Long Fang Packs
---3x ML/2x LC



That way, I am runnin a similar army that is shooty, but still has a beatstick. Now, I'll just have to proxy some TWC and see how I like em before I drop the dough for em. Still haven't found a company who's TWC I really love, but maybe y'all can help me with that :)

So what do we think? Are TWC the way to go? Is The Grizz's new plan absolute crap? Are there good lookin TWC models out there? Let us know below!