Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st Grey Hunter Painted!!!

Well I got my very first Grey hunter painted, and thought i'd ask y'all what y'all thought about it. Sorry bout the crappy phone pics, but camera is still packed up.

not Golden Daemon by any stretch, but I think it is simple and effective. So far my planned list to run Friday night is 

Rune Priest
---Living Lightning, JotWW, Storm Bolter, Runic Weapon
Rune Priest
---Living Lightning, Tempests Wrath, BP/RW
Rune Priest
---Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane, Bolter/RW

3x Wolf Guard
---Combi-Melta PF

3x9 Grey Hunters
---Meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotWulfen
---Rhino - HK Missile

1x5 Grey Hunters
---Plasma Gun
---Razorback - Las/TL Plas, HK Missile

3x6 Long Fangs
---2x LCs, 3x MLs
---Razorback - Las/TL Plas, HK Missile

1997 Pts.

I like the list thus far, as it is shooty as hell, mobile, and still has a lot of boots on the ground. The Rune Priests are gonna hang with the Long Fangs and throw Living Lightning all over the place, the 1x5 GH's in the Razorback will be my babysitter unit. I am most excited about this army's turn one Shooting phase, as i can throw 16 S8, 10 S9, and 3d6 S7 shots at 13 different targets. Talk about dead transports/tanks. Anyway, we'll give it a shot tomorrow and see how it goes!

So what is the consensus? Did the Grey Hunter turn out pretty well? Is the list decent? Will The Grizz ever find his camera so he can quit taking pictures with his phone?

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