Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anyone remember a little game called...Inquisitor?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a wee little bear cub, still cutting his teeth on GW's WH40k 3rd Edition. The cub is reading his latest edition of White Dwarf and suddenly sees this article for a new game. This game is based around small warbands and powerful inquisitors trying to accomplish their goals, at any cost. The game was not near as rigid as 40k, much more free form, with no other goal than to have a great time, no matter who "won". The game was called, INQUISITOR.

poor little bear cub
This was an entirely new concept to the poor little bear cub. You see, he had never played any pen and paper narrative games. He didn't even know what a d20 was, much less ever rolled one. But the storylines, the huge models, and all the promise intrigued him. So he got in the car with his mom, rode 1.5 hours to the nearest hobby store, and picked up his warband and official rulebook. All the way home, the little bear cub read the myriad of rules, oogled over the rich illustrations, and thought about all the fun he would have. There was only one flaw in the young Grizzly's plan. Who would he play with? Over the next 10 years, the warband was ever brought out only once. Noone in his gaming group was interested in such a game, and the models fell into disrepair.

Well, last week the Grizz and the rest of his gaming group were hangin out and began talkin about various role playing games, and Inquisitor came up. I mentioned that I had 8-10 models, and we all began talking about pullin em out and running some games out. Oh Joy of Joys!!! I went and downloaded the rulebook and began reading the rules again. I had forgotten how intricate the rules are, and how you can make your warbands your own. I pulled out my old Inquisitor, a Tyrus model, and began to paint over what I thought was an awesome paint job when I was twelve. So, now I have Witch Hunter Jacob's Inquisitorial Warband. If you can't tell, I am a little excited.

So, anyone else ever play/still play Inquisitor? How have you enjoyed it?

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