Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dustin' Off the Grey Knights

Well, if you haven't heard, Codex: Grey Knights will be coming to us within the next 2 months. Also, for those of you living under a rock, they are going to be the epitome of elite armies. 20-30 models at 2000pts. Also, there has been a "leaked" codex, with speculation to its authenticity ranging from complete fraud to a cover art away from your nearest FLGS shelf, with the truth probably somewhere in between.

As I have glanced through the pdf and read the rumors, I must say that if the codex ends up with half of this stuff then it is going to be awesome. It will bring a whole new style of play to our beloved game. Never before have we had an army so elitist, so many psychic powers, a small army with the ability to take on the hordes. Grey Knights offer us all this, and more. 2++ saves, 2 wound terminators, 30" teleporters, I can't wait! 

This has prompted me to pull out my old Grey Knights force and survey the damage that 3 moves and a year in storage can cause. Surprisingly, they aren't that bad. What I have;

Brother Captain Stern
10 GK Termies
30 PAGK's - 3 Justicars, 5 psycannons, 6 Incinerators

Oh, yeah, well you just wait till April, then i'll really show you whats up!!
Not a bad lot, as I should have enough PAGK's to use, as well as enough psycannons/incinerators for the purgation squads. I will prolly buy a Stormraven, some dread kits, and a boox of the new plastic termies rumored to run as my paladin termies. I'll have to get a better look at the Dreadnight before I make my final decision to run him. 

I am just excited, as this is an army that I will be able to get up and running with very little added cost. Plannin on tryin to get them finished paint wise before the codex drops. Will update as I go along

So what do y'all think about the rumors? How excited are you about Codex: Grey Knights? Is GW headed in the right direction?

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