Monday, February 21, 2011

The Grizz Hates Ghazghkull...

just looking at him brings so many words to mind, not one of them child friendly
Played a 2500pt game against Pariah.Stevo Saturday, both of us trying to get ready for the big tournament at the Barn in mid March. I took the list I posted last week, Stevo took-


 Big Mek -Kustom Force field, Power Klaw, Cybork Body 

 15 Lootas
 15 Lootas   

 10 Nobs - Waaagh!! Banner, Painboy, Power Klaw ,Stikkbombz 
Battlewagon - deffrolla ,Red Paint ,2 X Big Shoota, Amour Plates 

7 Nobs Bikers - Cybork Bodies, 4 Power Klaws,  2 Big Choppas ,Painboy 2, Combi-Skorchas,  2 bosspoles,  Waaagh!!! Banner   

18 orks nob Pk Bosspole   

18 orks nob Pk Bosspole   

11 grots   

2 Deffkoptas-  2 TL Rokkit Launcha, 2 Buzzsaws   


BattleWagon- Deffrolla, 2 Big Shootas, Red Paint  

BattleWagon- Deffrolla, 2 Big Shootas, Red Paint     


we played 5 obj's Pitched Battle. The game was very interesting, cause for the 1st 3 turns, we kinda danced around each other, both waiting for the other to move so we could gain the charge, waiting for that one misstep to put a unit in charge range. The game had a lot of suck come my way. First, the one new unit that I wanted to try (assembled and painted on friday so I could use them Saturday), the Vanguard Vets, Deep Sruck in on turn 3, scattered into dangerous terrain, and out of charge range. They subsequently took 30 loota shots to the face. 350pts that never saw combat. Next would definitely be the straw that broke the camel's back. He drove 2 battlewagons across the board and dumped Ghazzy, Naked Nobs, and 19 boys on me. 

I guess this counts for their armor save rolls too...
The nobs killed the DC, Ghazz whomped the DC Dread, and the boys were tied in assault with an assault squad. Next turn I was going to kill Ghazghkull, I had already decided . He had WAAAGHed last turn, so his 2++ was in effect, so I knew it would take a lot of dice to lay him low. So I shot and charged him with Sanguinor, A Librarian w/ Sanguine Sword, and 20 assault marines w/ the Blessed sergeant. That is a total of 88 attacks, with Sanguinor rerolling to hit and wound. Now, Mathhammer says that just the assault squads should have caused 5 and change unsaved wounds, not counting PF's,Sang. Sword, and Sanguinor. Stevo never rolled a 1. Not one. Ghazghkull was unwounded. 

This was the beginning of the end for me, as I got charged by the nobs next turn and pretty much got chomped to little bits. We called it on turn 5, as he had 2 objectives and I had 2 models. It was one of those games where one or two events decide the entire outcome. I think I played well, just didnt have the dice go my way.

I am gonna keep trying the VVs, see if they are worth their hefty price tag or too big of a gamble. Look forward to the next one, we'll see if Ghazghkull's luck has run out...

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