Monday, March 14, 2011

Cleanin House

Well, the Grizz has made it back from the beautiful Caribbean Islands safe and sound. While he was gone, the new Grey Knights stuff was posted. As the Grizz began to browse through all the new models and think of new tactics he would use, he began to think about his poor Blood Angels that would be sittin on the shelf, as well as his barely started Salamanders army that would never see the light of day. This, as well as a chat with ol' Pariah.Stevo, got him to thinkin - is starting a new army really what I want to do right now?

I am really just now hittin my stride with my beloved Sons of Sanguinius, and am not quite ready to put them up just yet. There are also new models that I still need to get in order to get them where I want them. So I made the tough but logical decision - The Grey Knights are gettin sold. I will miss them, but I don't look at this as a farewell, but merely a "until next time". I still have plenty to keep me occupied with my Salamanders army being completely custom, so I think I will manage. 

After I posted my GK's on good ol' eBay, i started lookin around at all the stuff I have and never use. That led to more and more on eBay. So, I thought I'd share with y'all all the stuff I am gettin rid of, maybe y'all can get some use out of what I don't need.

My eBay Auctions

Man, does it feel good to get back in the swing of things, and to be back in the Beautiful U.S. of A.! Hope y'all didn't miss me too much, and keep posted!

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