Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tournament Saturday

Well, Saturday will be the Tournament Debut of Unbroken Gaming Club!!!! We will be driving down to Dicehead Games in Cleveland to take part in a 2000pt tournament. Tryin somethin a little new, as I will be droppin one of my favorite units in the game - The Sanguinor. Sad, I know, but I felt that my list needed a little more shooty, so Tell me what you think!

9x Death Co.
---5x BP/CCWs, 3x PWs, 1x PF
DC Dread w/Blood Talons

Furioso Dread
---Frag Cannon, HF, Magna Grapples, Drop Pod

Sang. Priest w/ JP
2x Assault squads with-
---5x BP/CCWs, 1x melta, 1x flamer, Fisty Sarge

2x Baal Preds
...TLAC, HB sponsons

2x Preds
...AC, LC sponsons

2000pts on the nose

How does it look? will Unbroken's maiden voyage be a successful one, or will they go down like the Titanic?

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