Friday, April 8, 2011

Change of Heart

Welcome to IIWPA... on location! This morning yours truly is chasing the deceptively crafty turkey bird, while preparing for the tournament tomorrow. My two passions, hunting and 40k, all wrapped in one!

Well after some thought, and lengthy discussions with elthrai and parish.Stevo, I have decided for the style of missions being played, I need more scoring units, and durable ones at that. So I am thinkin that chaos is going to be the better choice, I mean what is better at being a hard as nails troop choice than a plague marine? I will be taking the same list as what I played in our recent battle report, but for those of you who don't remember-

2x MoN DPs w/ wings/warptime

Greater daemon

4x 7 man plague marine squads

...2 squads plasmad out, 2 meltad out, fist sages w/ combi weapons in rhinos

2x 2 strong oblits

Autocannon havoc squad w/ MoCU


I think this is a tougher list, able to go 13 rounds with Ali if it has to. It's not as offensive, nor does it have the shots at range, but it has staying power. Well, I am gonna get back to hunting, y'all take it easy!

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