Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gunnar Red Moon Ridin the Big Wolf

Grizz here, picked up a Canis Wolfborn model in the new Finecast. Let me say first that the Finecast has exceptional highs and lows, no middle ground. I held out on getting a Canis model due to the headache that a metal thunderwolf proposes, so when they said they were bringing them out in Finecast, I got all kinds of giggly 6 year old girl excited.

This Excited
So I go out, pay my money, and wait for a month due to GW's awesome business policies and warehousing. So I finally pick it up and get it home, and boy is it a good lookin cast. Sharp edges, lighter than I had thought, and easy to put it together. Then I saw the pitting/bubbling spots. Two spots, both pretty rough. Now, fixing them was pretty easy, just filled them with super glue and went on with my business, but this is almost unacceptable in a new product. Just my .02

Anyway, I got it halfway painted and got stuck on what equipment to give him. I rolled around storm shield and TH/FW, but I could never decide. Then I started doing the rolls on a dual wolf claws, and dear God what a beast. Luckily, Canis has some pretty kickin claws. So got em glued on and now Gunnar Red Moon is ready to ride his Thunderwolf down to the battlefield and add some tales to his glorious saga!

Wolf Lord Gunnar Red Moon
---2x Wolf Claws
---Runic Armor
---Thunderwolf Mount
---Belt of Russ
---Wolftooth Necklace
---Saga of the Bear

So how did it turn out? Hit or Miss? Good setup or not? Let us know what you think!

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