Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Vindicator...Pie Plates of Doom

The Vindicator. Just saying the word can drain the color from an opponents face. Simply placing the little stubby thing on the board automatically changes the way the person on the other side deploys/plays. From turn one, they are playing reactively. So why is it that we don't see these little bulldogs on the table as much as we used to?

Part of it is the survivability of vehicles in 5th. This has encouraged many to dust off their Landraiders and use up all of their HS choices. I have seen 4 Raider lists in tournament play out of C:SM. I think another is the 24" range. When a lot of people get to selecting their HS, they look for range. Las Cannons, Missile Launchers, anything with a 36"+ range. While powerful, it is not as reliable for poppin armor due to range and scatter.

When it comes to Blood Angels, you tend to see a lot of Preds due to the Fast rule. Everyone and their mama are runnin Autocannon/Las Cannon preds, and why not? Move 6" and fire 2 S7 AND 2 S9 shots?? Yes please! Also the BA vindy has to share FOC slots with not only preds, but drop pod dreads, cheapy cheap dev squads, and Stormravens!

Space Wolves players have Long Fangs.......moving on.
Space Wolves' Default Heavy Support choice

Now, after I have brought all these defects and issues to the surface, surely I can't be trying to convince you to take one of these little suckers, can I? Of course I am. One of the most important parts of Warhammer 40,000 is knowing your units and how to use them properly. You must know their weaknesses, as well as their strengths. 

Looking at this end has been known
 to cause sweats,  irrational behavior,
instant vacation of the bowels,
screaming, crying, paralysis, and death.
The number one rule to Vindicators was voiced by my good friend Pariah.Stevo, "If they're good enough to run one of, they are good enough to run two of ". One of the biggest beefs people have with Vindys is that they tend to go down turn one, as they are so terrifying. Running two is an insurance policy. The opponent will kill one and leave the rest of the army unscathed or try and split up their fire, giving you a better chance either way of having a tank left. If they both survive, then you can reek some real havoc. Everyone is afraid of a S10 AP2 large blast, and I mean everyone. Running them in a pair also helps when a scatter die doesn't go your way, basically giving you a second chance. As said before, A Vindicator makes your opponent play into your hands. Two Vindicators makes them fill their pants. All for a petite price tag, weighing in at a cool 115pts a piece.


Now, for BA players, the Vindicator becomes an even better option, as it has the Fast rule Cause Da Red Ones Go Fasta!!. That means that a Red Vindy has an effective 36" range, moving 12" then throwing that template. On a pitched battle deployment, if you have first turn, you can throw 2 Vindys 12" up and have range to pretty much your opponents entire deployment zone. Can you say "Bye Bye Nob Bikers"? The sheer devastation that these bad boys can cause, as well as the psychological effect they have on your opponent, can be yours for a cool 145 pts.

The Vindy can also take some nifty equipment, as they are the only tank that can take the awesome lookin siege shield, which allows you to ignore dangerous terrain tests. Not sure if it is worth 10 pts, but it could save you some grief when that 1 drops. 

Space Wolves can also bene..........oh yeah, Long Fangs.

Now, For You Black Templars out there, your Vindicators can take the almighty POTMS, essentially making it fast, and ignoring Crew Shaken/Stunned. Definitely something to consider.

Now, I am not saying that the Vindicator is the end all be all HS choice, or that every list should take them. I am just trying to give those who haven't ever used or considered it an idea of the game changer it can be. They can be truly deadly, if given the chance.

So, how many of you guys regularly take Vindicators? When has that S10 template saved your rear end?

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