Thursday, February 17, 2011

List Buildin

Cause the Red ones DO go fasta....
Well, gettin ready for Game Day Saturday, and tryin to get a list together. We are preparing for a big 2500 pt. tourney goin on in March, so a lot of guys are bringin in some lists to try them out. I am no different, and have thrown together a list to give a go.

The Sanguinor!!!1!1!!!1!one!!!1!!eleven!!!!1!!11!!!
---jump pack, Shield of Sang., Sang. Sword

Sanguinary Priest
---Jump Pack, Power Weapon

3x 10 man RAS
---Melta, Flamer, Fisty Sarge
10x Death Co.
---3x Power Weapon, 1x Power Fist
DC Dread
---Blood Talons

5x Vanguard Vets
--- Jump Packs, 5x Storm Shields, 1x LC, 1x PW, 1x TH, 1x PF, LC Sarge

Storm Raven
---TL Ass Cannon, MM, EA
2x Dev. Squads
---4x ML

2500pts on the nose.

The idea is to run all the RAS, the libby, and the Sang Priest in one big blob, DSing the VV to knock out/tie up key units in assault, shoot the poop out of em w/ the ML Dev Squads, and bring the Storm Raven on the board from reserve as usual.

The VV are a new unit that I just put together yesterday, and this will be my first time playing with them. Expensive? Yes, but I am eager to see how good they do. I think that their ability to assault out of DS along with the DoA rule makes for an almost guaranteed assault the turn they come in, and they are packin a wallop. It is one of those units that makes your opponent switch into reactive mode, which is right where you want them.

God Bless The 80s
Questions? Comments? Concerns? lets hear em.

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