Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, at least we had fun...

Bob Barker = Con Nooga
Happy Gilmore = Team Awesomesauce
Well, we made it back from Cleveland, and the self named "Team Awesomesauce" had a great time hangin out and playin in the Con Nooga 2400pt team tourney down at Dicehead Games & Comics. We had a blast, yes, but as for how we fared, it was not quite as we had hoped. We went 1-2-0, not nearly the finish we had hoped for, bringing Team Awesomesauce to an incredible 1-4-1 record in team tournament play. Before going any farther, I encourage you to go over to Stevo's blog for a complete game breakdown (otherwise what I typed won't make sense), and then below I will throw in my color commentations.

Game One

The Good

- Opponent was wiped from the board on turn 5
- Steve and I had a good plan, and we executed well
- We were able to take advantage of opponents mistakes.

The Bad
- Really everything went our way, can't complain too much.

Game Two

The Good
- Even with luck against us, had my reserves come in even on turn 4 we would have had a chance to win/tie
- our opponents were both Auburn fans. (War Eagle!!)

The Bad
- My entire army was in reserve. First Blood Angel unit to show up was the Assault squad on turn 3. The Baal came in on turn 4. The 730pt Stormraven Squad didnt show up till turn 5. We basically fought 2400pts of DE/Nids with 1200 pts for half a game. Never Good.
- The Dice. They hated me. Real Bad. Its hard to beat good opponents/lists on good days, even harder when you are fightin lady luck as well.

Game Three

The Good
- We got to play against some good gamers/friends, so win/lose/draw it was set up to be a lot of fun.
- I got to see first hand what the new FAQ has done for Black Templar *shudder*

Flicker Field!!
The Bad
- After getting the ever living dog poop knocked out of his army due to no BA support because of my reserve rolls the game before, Stevo "encouraged" (read: made) me deploy my entire army on the board, no reserves. That meant that Baal Pred and Stormraven were starin down the bad end of about 20 Missile Launcher/Dark Lances. And they had first turn. Needless to say, they never moved, both going down turn one.
- Nowhere to hide. The table was a desert scene, with little to no cover big enough to hide behind. And boy was the opponent shooty.
- Spearhead Deployment. I hate spearhead more than anything, especially against multiple fast skimmers. Its a hard enough mission as it is, and when fighting a quick army, it just gets worse.

Even though we got butt whooped, Stevo and I left with smiles. All you can eat steak and ribs at Logan's never hurts either. The important thing is that we learned a lot from this tourney, a lot of things that we can take with us and use to improve for the next go round. One thing it has done as well is that it gave me the tournament bug somethin fierce. After being out of it since last September, The Con Nooga Team Tournament was a great way to dive back in and get me ready for more. As of tonight I am already workin on a 2500pt list for a tourney in March, and am entertaining thoughts of playing in a couple more between now and then.

As the old saying goes, "There is always next time". Maybe The Grizz and Stevo can learn from their mistakes, or they might repeat 'em!! 

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